For Beginners

For beginners In the Water Sports Centre learning to windsurf is one of our strong points. Our long experience has enabled us to develop a series of methods and means, in order to make learning easier and possible for everybody over 8 years old. Thus, starting to learn on a rotary simulator, a beginner is exposed to theory and practice simultaneously.

There, he or she learns the basic operation of the surfboard, how to hold the sail, how to position his feet and body, to which direction he or she should lead the boat, how to change direction and, in general, everything one has to know before one enters the sea, without purposeless dives, and saving, thus, time. After one learns the technique in the simulator, feeling like a surfer is a matter of some practice.

The trainees are under close supervision and constantly assisted by their experienced trainer.

For Professionals

The area is ideal also for proficient surfers who want to enjoy their favorite sport. Wind ranges from 2 to 5 beaufort and starts to blow in the afternoon till late at night. Therefore, by picking the most suitable surfboard and sail according to one's abilities and to wind conditions, proficient surfers can enjoy 4 to 5 hours of good surfing.

In the Water Sports Centre one can choose out of 15 surfboards to rent, along with the proper sails which range from 2 to 11 square meters.

In any case, you are welcome to bring your own equipment and we will be happy to provide you with some tips on, for example, beach start, water start, and other figures, free of charge.