Watersport Instructors

Since 2002 Water Sports Centre of Nea Roda is also a member of the International Association of Water Sports Schools (WWS & WWC e.V.) http://www.wws-wwc.de/

Thus, it is possible for our alumni to acquire a diploma in one of the water sports taught at our School, after attending the relative seminars and passing both a written and a practical examination.

We offer diplomas of various levels, according to the standards of WWS & WWC e.V., among which professional ones as well, that give our graduates the opportunity to exploit the acquired knowledge working as instructors at various water sports centres and schools in Greece and abroad.

For work in Greece diplomas must be recognized from the greek state, according to the legal procedures, before the General Secretariat of Sports. http://gga.gov.gr

Professional rights and the relevant license are granted, according to the legislation in force, exclusively by the competent public authorities.

Water ski trainers

Levels A. Assistant trainer. (He/ She can steer the boat and pull skiers, both beginners and professionals. Can also pull ‘banana’ and ‘tubes’.)

B. Trainer. (He/ She can pull skiers, beginners, professionals, those who are skiing in the slalom course (athletic ski) and those who are doing trick ski. Can also pull ‘banana’, ‘tubes’ and parachute.)

C. Trainer. (As trainer B, plus can work as a trainer in athletic clubs or start a private waterski enterprise.)


A. Assistant trainer

1. A boat-steering certificate

2. Being able to swim well

3. Being able to dive without diving equipment in five meters depth minimum and pull objects over the bottom of the sea

4. Having lifesaving knowledge

5. Having basic knowledge regarding monoski and wakeboard

B. Trainer

1. 2. 3. 4. The same as A.

5. Knowing how to wakeboard, at least slalom, jumps and 180 turns

6. Being able to pass 3 buoys in the slalom course at the speed of 49 km/ hour and with a rope of 18,25 meters

C. Trainer The same as B.

6. Being able to pass 6 buoys in the slalom course at the speed of 55 km/ hour and with a rope of 18,25 meters.

7. Knowing how to barefoot, at least in the boom

8. Knowing the international competition regulations

9. Knowing the administrative competition organization

Water Ski Trainers Seminar