In the Water Sports Centre learning to windsurf is one of our strong points. Our long experience has enabled us to develop a series of methods and means, in order to make learning easier and possible for everybody over 8 years old.

Water Ski

By pioneering methods, such as the use of the boom and special skis for beginners, and with experienced trainers who will leave no margin for error

Water Games

For those who love trouble-free exciting games there is a variety of choices.


There is one boat soling (for 3 to 8 people) available

Boat Rentals

Become a captain for a while....renting a motorboat (no license required if the motor is until 30 hp)

Speed boat driving school

The watersports centre also operates a high speed boat driving school.


For fans of sailing

there is one boat soling (for 3 to 8 people) available with which you can make day trips to Amouliani island while learning the art of sailing with a qualified instructor or to rent by the hour with or without lessons. We also have two boats type laser that can also be rented either by hour or day.